How Newired’s Development team works

How Newired’s Development team works


Written by Vratislav Holub

How does Newired’s Development team work?

Have you ever thought about how development teams works? If so, let’s talk about our Newired Czech Research & Development team in Ostrava. Here we share one comfortable office where our programmers work alongside QA to ensure the best possible quality of our software solution. Thanks to that, we can simply share our thoughts and easily make our Journeys and Tips better and better.

Inside the Office

Our office in Ostrava is like a second home to our programming team, who tries to do their best for Newired. Their main job is to work on improvements of Newired Journeys and Tips, and as you can see, they work to constantly improve our software solution. The best advantage of our programming team is that they can use whatever technology they want to because this decision is completely up to them. Thanks to that, our software solution is being built with the latest available technology.

On the other hand, we have our QAs. We have very experienced people on these positions and I have to admit that they are really good. Our QAs try to look at the software from the end user’s point of view and thanks to that they ensure its best possible quality. As I have already mentioned, they work alongside our programmers, with whom they form our R&D department. Our QAs also try to do their best and if any bug appears in some of our products, they need to be sure that they will use maximum effort to find it in time.

These are the people who work on new capabilities, and because of that, they are responsible for everything, including any small trifles. The man responsible for new inventions in our software solution is our product manager, Jiri Walek, who is in touch with Newired’s Board of Directors, employees and customers. Thanks to that, he can put their thoughts together and we can make our products better and better.

Comfort is Important

Every successful work comes from satisfied people. At Newired, we are aware of it and because of that our office in Ostrava is set to ensure maximum possible comfort. But have you ever thought about how much coffee circulates in veins of our programmers and QAs during one ordinary day? Because we want to keep our employees focused as much as possible, we have chosen to supply them with this powerful black beverage. I have to admit that in Ostrava it is almost impossible to count the consumption of a black coffee. We are really in love with it.

But what to do if we are not focused enough and even coffee does not help? Our office is located on Masaryk square and sometimes a simple look of the window can help with that struggle. When we are for example too tired or too over-focused, we just take a look at the beautiful Ostrava’s square, which can help us to calm down.

From The Steel to The Software

Ostrava is a city known for its hard industry. It has a long history of it but in recent years, it started evolving. The coal mining has stopped in the last century and since then, the city has become cleaner. The process of evolving is not over yet but when you are here, you can feel it. Ostrava has been known as a steel heart of our republic, but as I mentioned, the hard industry is no longer predominant in the city. 

Nowadays, you can find dozens of IT companies which are developing software here. From an ecological point of view, this situation is better for the city and its population. Ostrava can even offer a lot of possibilities to have fun in every possible way, so our R&D can never get bored in its free time. And here we are, in this city, you can find the R&D department of Newired.

The Cooperation with Other Departments of Newired

Our offices are located in Ostrava, Czech Republic and Turin, Italy, and the development of our software solution happens mainly on these two locations. For us and our team, the best way to work is to apply agile management methods, which have worked successfully for years.

In order to be aligned across the departments, we are leveraging the technological resources in our reach. For communication and discussion, we use videoconferencing as well, which has turned out to be a really good way to do it. For this purpose, we use Google Meet and I would say that we are pretty synchronized. Communication is the most important thing in every company and at Newired, we are very aware of that. Our departments are always wired!

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