How can digital adoption solutions help on E-commerce

How can digital adoption solutions help on E-commerce

Written by Vratislav Holub

In today’s world an e-commerce has become a really powerful and popular platform. People are used to buying almost everything online, even food. When we take a look at our lives we do not have any more time to spend roaming around classical shops. The main benefit of e-commerce is that we, as customers can buy whatever we want in just a few clicks. The e-commerce itself has come a long way and over the years it has become continuously better.

E-Commerce can be divided into two ordinary categories – B2C, which stands for Business to Customer, and B2B, which stands for Business to Business. Their main goals are pretty obvious of their names and we can say, to keep things simple, that B2C category sells items or services to regular people while B2B is focused on whole companies.

Problems and Challenges of E-Commerce Platforms

If you have already set up your e-commerce, you need to influence your customers to buy your goods. One of the main attributes is surely the design of your website. Customers have to feel some sort of comfort and that everything is in place in order to buy. Any obstacles to this can really affect your customers, and actually, your employees can face it too. In this case, you need to ensure that nothing can stop or affect them on your e-commerce website. 

Another problem for your customers and employees can be the technology you use. It may look easy for you, but some users may have problems with that. If something looks complicated, you have three options to deal with this. You can change your e-commerce platform – but you will have to train your employees and customers again – you can write the code of your own e-commerce website – but it is a pretty long way to go – or you can choose a solution to help your users, for example, a digital adoption platform. 

Your Customers

The main challenge for business using e-commerce platforms is getting new customers. As I mentioned above, they are mainly affected by the design of your website or for example if you had proofread your text material enough. When someone new comes to visit your eshop, he/she is just another ordinary visitor. What you need to do with these people is to convert them into being your customers, and you can accomplish it by keeping your eshop as simple as possible.

But what about your previous customers? You  cannot forget them and you have to treat them the best you can, because they are the key factor for your current business. You can expect that your regular customers will often check their account or orders, which are hidden in the administration mode of your e-commerce platform. This mode is something like the Dark Side of the Moon and things may seem a little bit more complicated and complex there. But still, Newired is ready to help you in every struggle of your e-commerce.

So How Can Newired Help?

At Newired, we develop an overlay technology that let you create crisp and cool user guidance, straight into your web application. Thanks to products like Newired Journeys or Newired Tips, you can ensure that your employees will not have to read a manual or your customers will not have to contact you for support. Our dream is to build a world where you do not need to use previously mentioned aids. Instead of them, you can have our overlay technology implemented directly into your webpage. Digital adoption is one of the most important things in today’s world and every company which is on the internet should be aware of it.

Newired Journeys

Newired Journeys are step-by-step tutorial which guides your customers or employees through your web-application, or in this case – through your e-commerce platform. With this product you can prepare precise guides for your employees and customers and they will never get lost afterwards. Newired Journeys are perfect choice for the administration site of your e-commerce, where you need to guide your users in the most effective way. Imagine the situation when your customer wants to change his personal information. He/she can get lost in administration pretty fast but with previously prepared Journeys, this task is going to be as simple as can be.

Newired Tips

On the other hand we have our Newired Tips. From this product, the ones who will benefit the most are the visitors, who are on your eshop for the first time. Newired Tips are simple popup bubbles which can inform your visitors about the function of the page element simply by hovering over it. To ensure that your visitors are going to see them, you can show them permanently or you can place the icon next to the element which will show the content of the Tip on hover again.

Keep wired to see more use cases!

At Newired we deliver 100% no-code tools which allow the delivery of quick usability fixes. Speed up onboarding on any web application and put users first!

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