Newired’s pricing Model – fair and transparent

Newired’s pricing Model – fair and transparent

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Written by Frank Schroeder

Let´s face it – the pricing of a product or a service is one of the most, if not the most important topic when we, human beings, making buying decisions.

It goes so far as to make us not buy a product although it fits our needs and requirements if we’re doubtful that the price is right and the product is worth it.

It is very important for a vendor to explain the functions, capabilities and benefits a product or service can provide for the potential customers. And the same is valid when it comes to pricing.

This is why Newired spends a lot of effort to develop and explain the pricing model for their products.

When we created our pricing model, we were guided by the following principles:

  • We wanted a flexible, transparent and easy way to calculate pricing model;
  • No huge investment should be needed to start using the product;
  • Provide for all sizes and stages of companies a compelling model, to afford the license and grow with usage.

Having said this, we worked out a pricing model for Newired which provides the following:

  • Subscription Model – starts at $833 per month per application, transparent and easy to calculate ;
  • We provide corporate licenses for big Enterprises and OEM licenses for public portals with hundred thousands of users and multi-applications – this provides large corporations with a compelling and transparent pricing, for today and the future.

Please see more on our pricing page and contact us for further details.

Last month, we became aware that our pricing model has a gap when it comes to start-ups and small companies which are on a stage where they cannot afford a small subscription at least for a period of time.

It is our goal to provide, besides our unique Overlay Technology for Onboarding, application and portal adaption, a fair and transparent pricing model for all sizes of companies in different stages of their journey.

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