CRM and Newired

CRM and Newired

Written by Natalia Kawana

Nowadays, nearly every company selling products or services uses a Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM, to keep track of every business opportunity and contact details of their customers and prospects.

There are so many interactions between a company and their prospects/ customers that managing all of them without a dedicated platform seems unthinkable, or even nearly impossible. And so there’s a plethora of such platforms to meet the market’s needs: Salesforce, Suite CRM, Siebel CRM (by Oracle), Pipedrive, Hubspot… I can’t even name all of them. 

Often, these platforms are used by multiple teams at a company: 

  • The Sales people, who will contact the people on the CRM and register interactions such as demo performance, follow-up emails, account and opportunity creation, to name just a few;
  • The Marketing department, who might, for instance, use the CRM to send email campaigns or set up an account-based campaigns;
  • Social Media managers, who may use the data in the CRM to find different ways to engage this audience on social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter;
  • Service teams, who might also register their support interactions on the CRM system;

…to name only a few possibilities.

All of the teams concerned will have their own processes and tasks to perform on the CRM.

The challenges of a CRM system

As there are many different teams and scopes at play, CRM systems may become very complex.

The first challenge is applicable in the whole digital realm: users need to learn about the features and fields available at the CRM system, and how to use them properly. Often, traditional training methods are not the most efficient, as users learn with presentations and then when they actually need to use that information, they have already forgotten it. Using manuals and written resources is also not very practical, as they make users go from one resource to the other – from paper to software, for example.

Once acquainted with the system, the second challenge for the users is to memorize and perform tasks and processes on it. They can get lost with the multitude of icons and fields available and make many mistakes.

The third challenge is the complexity of the job functions involved. Every team concerned has to follow different business processes, but at the same time, there needs to be an agreement on how they input data on the system, which will typically be defined by the company’s own processes. Which fields are relevant to fill in? How can we make sure that users know how to carry out the processes related to their jobs without being overwhelmed by other processes?  

Still, companies want to make sure that these things go right. CRMs contain vital information for a company, and the data input there can be used for crucial activities. For example, a company’s pipeline will define revenue forecasts and therefore a company’s future investments. Based on their importance, CRMs must be used, and correctly used.

Newired and CRMs

Knowing all the challenges that CRM users face, companies had better find an efficient way to help them. As the world is going digital and people are less willing to spend time on intermediate or external tasks, training methods should follow suit. And here, Digital Adoption Solutions or Platforms can help address many of the issues pointed above.

With a DAS/ DAP, you can address these challenges. You can onboard users on the system and guide them through the completion of tasks. As the guidance (Journeys) will always be available if and when your users need it, they no longer have to memorize processes. As they’ll have the processes explained in-app, real time, users will also make fewer mistakes. 

With Newired, you can also add the spotlight effect to Journey steps, enforcing the correct procedure for processes, as with that effect, users will not be allowed to interact with any page element which is not related to the task they’re performing.

And finally, Newired also allows you to define when a given Journey will be available for your end user, allowing you to show them only the processes which are relevant to their job functions. One solution, many issues addressed. Watch our video and learn more about how Newired can help CRM users!

Empower users now!

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