Newired Journeys on Atlassian Jira

Newired Journeys on Atlassian Jira

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Does your company use Atlassian JIRA to manage projects?

Atlassian JIRA is one of the most popular software for agile-driven teams, with a large number of users coming from different kinds of industry. It is used for tasks such as proprietary issue-tracking, support and project management. Due to its broad application, it has evolved into a highly customizable tool, being thus suitable to many job functions.

However, as many software, JIRA can be challenging to master, especially for first-time users.

As pointed out on this Linkedin article, some of the disadvantages of using JIRA include difficulties in setting it up and a not very user-friendly UI. In addition, the standard setup comes with missing features, which will require the purchase of several plug-ins for those who need them. Finally, JIRA can also present the complexity of a software with a vast amount of not-always-required features, depending on the user’s job functions and needs. All of which may be time-consuming and rather frustrating for the user.

In this context, Newired can be a powerful ally to overcome these difficulties and guarantee a better user experience on JIRA. By Creating Journeys on the software, you can onboard users in a matter of minutes, presenting the product basic features and taking the user through the adequate customization of the platform. Moreover, Newired Journeys allow you to define visibility rules, which will guarantee that only the Journeys which are relevant to the groups concerned are shown. This will allow users to focus on the features their user group are expected to master, avoiding unnecessary complexity.

With our fully customized step-by-step guides, you can furthermore explain how to correctly use the product in diverse scenarios, or how to follow a specific custom process which the user is expected to carry out. Newired will teach the user real-time and on the actual platform, by making them perform the very task they are learning. Last but not least, Newired Journeys will be available to the user whenever they need guidance, as many times as necessary and right in context.

Check out our video for an example of an onboarding Journey on JIRA!

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