Newired Journeys 17.0 is now available

Newired Journeys 17.0 is now available

TURIN, ITALY October 2, 2017 

Newired, a company specializing in Enterprise UX Management, today announced the public availability of the latest release of Newired Journeys. The Newired Journeys platform enables adopters to deliver an optimal user experience with granular, contextually relevant guidance for any web site or web based application, using the paradigm of decoupling from the application and the overlaying an independent server side UX component.

This release includes all updates from previous releases and add several feature improvements, taking the solution to a higher level of maturity.

“We are more than just a software company. We at Newired always have in mind the End User Experience and the troubles they so often  encounter using complex online applications. This is our inspiration, this is our mission: to ensure that no user ever gets lost or frustrated trying to reach their goals.”

_Stefano Rizzo, CEO at Newired

Newired Journeys is now available trough the direct channel and partner resellers world wide. For further information please visit and the Newired Corporate website at

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