Free Newired Editor available

Free Newired Editor available

Easy Evaluation of Newired, create your overlay for free!

As of today Newired Editor® is available for free!

This allows everyone to check how easy they can build guidance for their users through any web-application.

Newired provides an intelligent overlay technology to guide users via Journeys and Tips through web-applications. This helps organizations to drive Digital Adoption and Digital Transformation projects, helps with Onboarding, enables User Engagement and makes Customer Care more efficient and cost saving.

You may ask yourself the questions:

  • How does this work?
  • How can I build these overlays to guide the users?
  • How to author the guidance layer: is it truly that easy?
  • How will it work over my application?
  • Can I show this to others in the organization?
  • Can I show it on top of our application to point out its benefits to other team members?

With the free Newired Editor everybody can try:

  • The authoring environment and test how it works on top of their own web applications;
  • Authoring Newired Journeys – build step-by-step guidance;
  • Authoring Newired Tips – create contextual help labels; 
  • Reviewing how the intelligent layer looks like after you have created your content;

With the free Newired Editor, you cannot publish the content and deploy it for production use, and content translation is not enabled. In order to deploy the content on your Application and eventual translations, you will need a regular subscription. 

For the Free Newired Editor, we use the Newired public cloud service to keep it simple. With the full product in production, customers can decide for other hosting options, such as On-premise or private cloud implementation.

How can you get the Free Newired Editor?

  1. Signup for a Newired account
  2. Download Newired editor to your Windows or Mac personal computer from there
  3. Install the editor on your PC (this is the only IT permission you need – are you allowed to install the editor on your machine or do you need to ask your IT to install it)
  4. Explore the authoring environment capabilities on top of any web application you use – your own or another vendor’s.


Click on the button below and follow the instructions.

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