Unlock Polarion Compliance Excellence with Newired

Welcome to the gateway to regulatory compliance mastery! Are you navigating the implications of a regulated environment, striving for seamless adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements even more in combination with Polarion ALM

Look no further than Newired – your trusted companion in achieving compliance excellence.

Why Newired Digital Adoption Platform

In the realm of regulatory compliance, Newired stands as your strategically partner, offering a suite of powerful solutions tailored to address the unique challenges of regulated environments. Here’s how Newired can empower your organization:

  • Training and Onboarding: Interactive guidance and tutorials streamline employee training on compliance procedures and regulatory standards, ensuring swift onboarding and continuous skill enhancement in using Polarion.
  • Process Compliance through different applications: Navigate complex workflows with ease as Newired guides users through each step like approvals or project planning, minimizing errors and fostering consistency in compliance .
  • User Engagement and Productivity: Enhance user engagement and productivity by simplifying tasks and providing in-app guidance, mitigating the risk of non-compliance due to misunderstanding.
  • Change Management: Seamlessly transition to new systems or processes with Newired step-by-step guidance, facilitating smooth adaptation to evolving regulatory demands.

Key Benefits

Documentation and Compliance Tracking for certification

Stay up-to-date with the latest compliance information through interactive tooltips and documentation, while tracking user interactions for compliance audits.

Continuous Learning standards

Receive real-time updates and reminders about regulatory changes, enabling proactive adjustment of workflows to ensure ongoing compliance.

Feedback and Improvement

Leverage Newired analytics and feedback mechanisms to drive continuous improvement, aligning digital processes with evolving regulatory requirements.

Reducing Human Errors

Minimize the risk of compliance breaches by guiding users through tasks and processes, enhancing accuracy and consistency in adherence to regulations.

Strict guidance

Enforce important steps through all, even complex compliance processes in one or more tools needed to be compliant

Ready to elevate your compliance journey?

The reality is clear: Without full adoption and proper use, Polarion’s potential is left untapped, and your organization’s safety and compliance are at risk. If you can’t wait testing it watch a quick video or install our extension to test it by yourself

ISO standards

Here are some ISO standards and maturity models like: ISO 15288, ISO 12207, ISO 29148, ISO 61508, ISO 26262, ISO 21434,ISO 13485, ASpice, CMMI or other numerous standards as examples.

Convert Compliance Challenges into Strategic Advantages!

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