UX Designer in EU wanted!

(Like, real quick)

What we do?

Long story short, we create code-free onboarding solution. A guidance overlay to help users of any web-based software. If you are familiar with ERP or CRM systems you may know that these are a keeper. Sometimes such software remains in a company for decades and is inherited from user to user. And let's be honest, those do not always have the best UX.

It is not in our hands to change the design and experience of these, often rigid, products. But, with the help of our solution, the onboarding, guidance, and tooltips can make these products more easy-to-use and intuitive. In a nutshell – a modern, up-to-date software.

So far so good? Awesome. Let's see why we need you

We have a great family-cultured R&D team in Ostrava and couple more teams and product people around the world (Italy, Germany, US) and we miss a puzzle piece - the point of view and experience of a designer to guide the development team to create a superb product. Someone who has our users constantly on their mind and who will advocate their needs and wishes with keeping an open mind to other team-mates’ suggestions.

You would be a perfect match if...

  • ...you have at least 3 years of daily UI/UX working experience. You know what a user flow means, you are used to discuss your ideas with a broader group of people.
  • ...you can present some of your previous work. Let's talk about the challenges you faced, how you handled the problems and what fails and successes you experienced.
  • …the usability best practices, human factors and relevant human psychology sound familiar to you.
  • ...you consider yourself not only experience but also a visual designer that understands that we all are making decisions both by brain & heart 🖤. You will be therefore balancing the effort spent on functional and aesthetic design.
  • …you have experience with design and prototyping tools for state-of-the-art UX. The particular choice of tools is yours.
  • …you like to travel and spend some time abroad regularly, mainly in countries where we have offices.
  • …you consider yourself a self-starter able to jump in quickly without a ton of guidance and learn by doing. And most importantly, not afraid to ask. We don't bite :)
  • …you are looking for a longer commitment. This doesn't mean we have a draft of 10-year contract prepared, but we are also not looking for a job-hopper.
  • …you are an active contributor to UX related communities. For example, do you read some UX forums, do you follow certain people on Medium or you spend your time browsing dribble for inspiration? Great, let us know!
  • ...HTML, CSS, JavaScript is not a (WT)F-word to you.

Do you mix these skills together?

Unbelievable! Contact us for a friendly chat! (If you don't have it all, don't worry, give us a call anyway :)

What culture you will be getting into

  • We are proud of the family-like atmosphere in the team that we aim to keep also while the company grows. And, oh boy, it grows. Bigger and global, but never too big for everyone's voice to be heard.
  • You can work remotely and you need to be regularly in person with our teams. Most of our team members are co-located, we have remote team members as well. Primary locations are currently Italy and the Czech Republic.
  • We believe in the saying that “Two heads are better than one”. No one is put quietly in the corner. We want to hear your opinion and you are expected to listen to others as well.
  • An Agile culture embraced by management allows fast decision-making or at least we do our best to build it this way ;-)
  • No shelf-ware - the end-user success is what matters most for us and we constantly remind ourselves to keep the end-user perspective.

Instead of reading all of that twice, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be glad to talk to you.