How can we rescue the user from the Digital Transformation tornado?

Digital Transformation is happening, keep your users safe!

Digital Transformation affects our lives in many realms. It is a way to help consumers and users get rid of intermediaries – those people whose jobs are to connect consumers to final products or services. 

Now consumers can do things independently using diverse software, the problem is that they are often left to wonder how to use these digital resources properly, getting lost in a tornado of clicks, typing and interfaces.

In this article you will find out how to assist the users, rescuing their independence and confidence while keeping them in the digital realm. Set up your digital strategy now!

Boost Performances and Reduce Training Time and Costs up to 50%

Your employees will self-learn on the job, according to their peculiarities and without the need for support and extra useless training sessions.

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A new way to be wired.


Newired creates in-application contextual intelligent layers that define a new paradigm for digital onboarding and training. Newired provides a continuous learning concept to drive user digital adoption and increase their satisfaction across enterprise applications. Newired helps HR trainers, business process owners and other professionals to achieve their goals and contribute to the digital transformation in the company.  

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Newired works on any web application

There are no limits! Compared to most competitors, Newired digital adoption tools can be implemented on any web application

A paradigm shift in user empowerment

Make technology more accessible and employee training faster, replacing any disconnected documentation, tutorial, or training with contextual in-place guidance and support.

Drive your users to the point

Guide users with in-place help so they can learn by doing until they comprehend it and are comfortable with challenging content, with support that ensures process compliance in complex internal applications.

Zero code software

Newired can be deployed on any web-based application or website without touching the code and can be adapted to meet customers' needs.

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