digital transformation

Quick and Effective Employee Training and Onboarding

Digital resources – i.e. software – have become a must at our workplace. Often, the tasks performed on these software are of great responsibility and deal with the company’s assets – for example, placing large orders and managing stock and logistics. In this new scenario, software onboarding and training should be high on a company’s priority list because it can strongly influence the productivity and business processes rationalisation.

But what we still see is that employees learn complex processes by attending a presentation and they recall them by consulting some .pdf manuals. How do we expect people to remember what they’ve learned on their first workday and apply it correctly those few times they need to? In the digital era, traditional learning management became obsolete and leads companies to waste a lot of money and time on ineffective trainings.

Replacing traditional sessions with in-app contextual guidances, companies can finally offer employees a real time support, directly in app, when he needs. This allows to reduce after training forgetting rate and eliminate knowledge discontinuity and human errors.
Companies that already use contextual trainings have speeded up their onboarding processes and reduced training time and costs by 50%. Do you want to do it too? Download now the guide to discover the benefits of contextualized training.