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A unique “GPS” for web-based business applications and websites

Newired Journeys is a “just-in-time” guidance layer that looks like it’s part of any web-based application or website… yet it’s separate.
Anyone can create step-by-step Journeys
to guide others through tasks and processes - no coding or technical skills needed.

100% Code-free
Hosted in your IT ecosystem

The Newired Digital Adoption Platform replaces frustrating, unproductive experiences with pleasant, productive Journeys through even the most complex tasks and procedures.

Introducing Newired Journeys

Newired Journeys can:

Improve user experience (UX) with your existing web apps and sites, without risky code changes. Accelerate onboarding - new hires gain knowledge, confidence & productivity fast.

Reduce costs for training and support.

Accelerate adoption of new software or features, eliminating resistance issues.

Wide-ranging benefits

Newired Journeys is high in value and ROI. You can use it to boost productivity, morale, and overall user experience across your entire company:
  • HR:

    Onboarding & User Training
  • IT management:

    Facilitate new software adoption
  • Product Management:

    Deliver stellar software usability without coding
  • Customer care and support:

    Cut costs, focus resources
  • Marketing:

    Lower website bounce, increase conversions
  • IT Admin:

    Affordable solution, easy to set up, no integrations
  • Corporate:

    On-site hosted; full control over software and data

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