Newired Journeys 18.2 Press Release
23 October 2018
Rapid learning and sharing – Two weeks, three conferences
29 November 2018

What's New in Newired Journeys 18.2

Step Actions

Step Actions enable users to end the journey, start a new journey or skip a selected number of steps whenever they want. This provides an even deeper level of flexibility and intuitiveness to your target web applications.

Selector Advisor

To facilitate the identification of items in underlying web-applications, we invented the Selector Advisor that will even simplify the creation of Journeys, making much easier the understanding of any web-application.

Content Localization

Now users can be driven by Journeys and Steps written in their own language, according to their locale settings. To help translators in their effort, we looked for the most easy and open ways to allow content localization.

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