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22 October 2018
What’s new in Newired Journeys 18.2
6 November 2018

TURIN, ITALY October 23rd, 2018

Newired srl, developers of the only on-premises hosted just-in-time guidance solution for complex web-based software applications and web sites, today announced the release of version 18.2 of its flagship product, Newired Journeys.

Newired Journeys 18.2 can benefit entire organizations, regardless of industry, in areas like onboarding new hires, ongoing learning, software adoption, marketing, customer care, internal and external support, supplier management, and more. The local hosting model provides the full control over software and data that many enterprises require.

"The 18.2 release represents the highest value that we have offered our customers since our beginning,"
said Newired CEO Stefano Rizzo.
“At Newired, we’re responsive to suggestions that our customers offer us. Our efforts in this release were dedicated to making life easier than ever for our users, by adding some cutting-edge improvements such as object selector intelligence and step actions. These, together with a brand new approach in supporting multi language Journeying, make 18.2 an astonishing step forward.”

Newired Journeys 18.2 is a true Digital Adoption Accelerator that fully supports just-in-time contextual guidance end-to-end, across multiple web apps and sites, as well as single sites and applications. Everything in the user's digital world is connected, eliminating interruptions and distractions, and helping people work and learn faster.

Companies can capture and leverage the knowledge of their top experts into an independent guidance layer that appears visually atop any web-based software or web site in the user’s browser.
No coding or technical skills are needed.

About Newired

Newired is a privately held company based in Turin, Italy, with offices and partners in Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America and India. The company provides solutions that help its customers to deliver optimal end user experience for existing and newly adopted web-based assets.


Website: www.newired.com
Product Info: www.newired.com/journeys
Social media: Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - LinkedIn

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