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23 July 2018
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6 August 2018

We Are Excited To Announce
Our New Partnership With M10M

Newired is pleased to welcome M10M group to our fast-growing partners network.

M10M is a firmly established information technology company providing IT solutions and consulting services to clients around the world, with a concentration on Spain and Portugal.

With Newired Journeys, users can have a virtual „coach“ helping and guiding them in their context and use case, even across applications. Inbuilt metrics tracking delivers insight into the actual usage, providing the opportunity to improve the guidance, making the experience better and more valuable for end users over time. This not only facilitates training but also encourages user adoption by making acceptance easier, change smoother, and the overall user experience better from the start.

"M10M always looks for the latest disruptive technologies, searching all over the world, analyzing and studying them and then looking for the best possible agreement to represent them in Spain and Portugal. In the case of NEWIRED, we have undoubtedly found the best solution to add value to our clients in the process of improving the user's experience. They have an innovative, practical, user-friendly and technologically proven solution in several sectors. We are confident that the road between M10M and Newired will be long and successful.”
Joaquin Del Palacio Rodriguez, CEO at M10M

Particularly if your company’s working language is Spanish or Portuguese, or you develop software or web sites for that market, we urge you to contact M10M group to explore the benefit potential of Newired Journeys for you and your end users - who will be glad you did.

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