Once installed, the Reporting component provides and summarizes data
about how Journeys are used by end users.


The Reporting component provides different levels of insights about the use of your Journeys to allow the fine-tuning of the user experience. It is possible to drill down from summarized data to fine-grained details.



Rolls up some key “at-a-glance” statistics for the site.
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User Engagement

Provides a chart revealing basic user engagement trends over selectable time periods, in terms of total users engaged, total Journeys launched, and total Issues encountered.

General Overview

Provides user- filtered information about Journeys that helps you to spot best and worst performers, and also to see if some Journeys are problematic or challenging. Views include:
  • Overall Journey usage
  • Journey usage by time
  • Journey usage trends
  • Journey Analysis - Absolute Count

    Result Analysis

    Provides tables and charts that can help you to understand if there are any problems with Journeys. Metrics include such things as:
  • How many unique users ran a Journey, and what percent completed it.
  • Journey performance from the perspective of its end results (Success, Drop-off, Failure, etc.)
  • Results by time - helps you to understand if performance shows any trends or if problems were exceptions.
  • Time Effort

    This metric reveals how time-consuming each Journey is.
    Journey Usage Trend - Absolute Count

    Journey Trends

    A low-level metric to showing performance of one selected Journey, including:
  • Performance of the Journey according to end results, over time (Journey Trends)
  • Steps in which users have the most problems (Step Analysis)
  • How time consuming each step is - how much time users spend where, and whether it is according to your expectations (Time Effort of Steps)
  • Newired Journeys


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