1How Newired Journeys is distributed?

Newired Journeys™ is distributed as an on-site application that can be installed on your own computer for evaluation purposes, and on a dedicated server for production environments.

Newired Journeys has three components:.

The Portal:

A server-side component with web access that hosts and manages user-defined Journeys and their content for specific Sites;

The Editor:

The Editor: a stand-alone application for Windows or MacOS, which installs on a personal computer, connects to the Server, and is used to create Journeys and author their content;

The Launcher:

A small Javascript that is quickly and easily installed on the server hosting a web application for which Journeys are defined. It renders a visual widget in web browsers, enabling end users to launch Journeys when using the application.

Full documentation available on the Learning Center
2Which are the System Requirements?

Operating System:

Windows (7, 8.1, 10 for evaluation purposes; Server 2012 or 2016 for production Environment); Linux: RedHat or CentOS
Windows Server 2012 or 2016; Linux: RedHat


Minimum: 2 Server Class CPUs
Optimal: 4 Server Class CPUs


Minimum: 8 Gb
Optimal: 16 Gb

HDD Space:

Minimum: 1 Gb
Optimal: 60 Gb

Operating System:

Windows 7 (or later); MacOS Sierra (or later)
Windows 10 (or later) MacOS Sierra (or later)


Minimum: 4 GB Optimal: 8 GB

HDD Space:

Minimum: 300 MB Optimal: 1 GB
The Launcher does not have any specific system requirement. It is executed on the client side (by the browser).

Microsoft Internet Explorer: 9, 10, 11

Microsoft Edge: From version 13 to latest*

Firefox: From version 47 to latest*

Google Chrome: From version 51 to latest*

Apple Safari: From version 9 to latest*

Opera: From version 41 to latest*

* Compatibility is guaranteed for these versions; may be also compatible with older releases but it is not certified.

Full documentation available on the Learning Center
3Is Newired Journeys available in Cloud?
Yes and no.
If by "the Cloud" you mean hosted by us or a third-party provider, then the answer is no.

Newired was created with the idea of the "security first". So if you mean a corporate Cloud, where the system is hosted in your company's private, dedicated, secure IT infrastructure, then the answer is yes - and Newired is currently the only solution of it's type available for that kind of environment.


1What if I need support?

We have two channels to better fit your needs:

Technical support:

Customer and Sales support and general inquiries:

2How is Newired Journeys Licensed?
Newired licensing is quite simple: each license is intended for 1 application, based on its URL. Every standard license allows up to 1000 users. If the number of users would exceed 1000, please contact our sales team in advance to request a licensing quote.

To purchase Newired, please contact us at


1Where are Newired’s offices?
Newired is an international company. Our R&D offices are located in the Czech Republic and our commercial and administrative offices are located in Italy.
2Do you have a partner program?

Newired products provide incremental value to create a solution for customers, either as a packaged software solution or via professional services. A partnership enables you to add Newired products into your solutions to help you deliver a broader functionality – addressing the full lifecycle of your organization’s process and its associated content. Solution Partners include:

Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

A Value-Added Reseller uses Newired’s products as a solution targeted towards focused vertical, domain or application types. As part of that solution, they resell Newired subscriptions for production environments as well as providing related services.

System Integrators (SIs)

System Integrators provide consulting, design, integration and/or implementation services around solutions that include Newired products. System Integrators resell products such as Newired as part of the solution they deliver to the customer.
If you are interested in discussing these options with us, please email us at