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3 reasons to try the Newired ROI calculator:

Make your user succeed the first time

A faster software adoption and onboarding for new users ensures they complete processes even if it's their first time there.

Increase ROI of your Target App

Clearer guidance results in better and more complete data, and this leads to a higher ROI on your target application.

Execute globally and online

Easily deploy guidance in multiple languages and contemplate your users in diverse locations.

How have we calculated the numbers?


  • In your case, we calculated the ROI for 2000 users of your ALM / PLM>.
  • Newired's licensing model is based on the number of users that are being served on the target application.
  • In your case, the cost is $19.000 per year (yearly subscription).

Expected Productivity Gain

  • Research says that the average employee wastes around 1-6 hours per month due to ineffective work with the ALM / PLM>.
  • Being modest, we calculate 1 hour a month.
  • In your case, this converts into 3.000 days wasted per year.
    (Supposing 8h long working day)

Real-World Impact

  • We do not simply multiply the wasted hours by the monthly hourly rate, that is in your IT> industry $61
  • We understand that not every minute of the wasted time in ALM / PLM> can be converted into losses
  • When people waste their time working ineffectively, they become frustrated. This can lead to people actually leaving the company.
  • There are also fewer valuable data being tracked in the system because people refuse to work with the technology.
  • Their stress level is higher and their ability to concentrate on the creative work needed in the IT> industry is considerably lower.
  • Ultimately, it is better if your employee actually takes a coffee with a friend and chat about the work challenges they face when fighting with complex ALM / PLM>.

Conclusion (ROI calculator)

Based on our research, we estimate that the business value is 20% of the time being wasted and paid (again quite modestly estimated):

2000 users * 1h wasted a month * 61 hourly rate * 12 months a year * 20% factor
= 292.800 of added value a year
This translates into Return on Investment of
275.000 per year

    Works on top of any existing application