In their recent review, financesonline.com cited Newired Journeys as a “Rising Star” in the Customer Experience Management Software category. The review, which you can access here, also tags Newired Journeys with their “Great User Experience” certification.


The review emphasizes the fact that the Newired Journeys solution for just-in-time contextual guidance is easily  installed in the corporate IT landscape, that non-technical domain experts can easily author such guidance for any web-based software without the cost and risk involved in modifying existing software to improve the UX.

The Newired team was gratified by this early recognition by this fast-growing independent software review platform, as we have only recently released Newired Journeys version 1.0. This indicates to us that Newired’s approach is resonating with enterprises seeking an on-premises hosted UX Management solution, as opposed to a SaaS solution hosted in the Cloud – a key distinction of Newired Journeys.

If your company could benefit from the speedier on-boarding, lower training and support costs, increased productivity and self-reliance, and lower support loads for your web-based business applications, and lower bounce rates and improved customer satisfaction for your website, why not contact us today for a free demo of the premier on-premises enterprise UX management solution: Newired Journeys.

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