Spending 10% of your development budget on usability should improve your conversion rate by 83%

_Jakob Nielsen

According to usability and UX guru Jakob Nielsen, investment in user experience over the next 20 years will be essential to remain competitive. However, the typical approaches to such improvements can be costly.


UX matters but…

Buying new software and/or modifying current applications entails significant direct cost and risk. Add to that the cost of any integrations, plus roll-out and training. There can also be additional barriers: enterprise applications, such as Oracle or SAP, do not allow significant changes to the user interface.


Maximum experience, minimal investment

Newired Journeys was created to help companies deliver maximum user experience benefits with minimal investment. Without replacing or modifying current applications, Newired Journeys adds a dimension that connects users with web-based applications, providing relevant contextual guidance at every step, through every user interaction, speeding and supporting mastery of even the most complex software.

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